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    Artpoli is an online fine-art exhibition space for all.

    - If you are or aspire to be an artist, post your works to use it as your online portfolio and showroom.

    - Anyone can be an art supporter. Like works, and share them with your social network. You can also buy art works.

Copyright policy

 Copyright of posted material

1. The copyright of the material that a member posted belongs to the copyright holder of the material.

2. Artpoli can use the materials that members posted at the site for the following purposes.

- Exhibit at other web sites for promotion or sales.

- Exhibit at external online search sites as search results.

- Online PR and marketing, such as online banner ads and press releases.

- Promotional exposure on the media such as TVs, mobile phones, and other visual media

- Promotional prints, Artpoli business cards, and large banners

3. Artpoli should ask for a permission and have a consent, when it wants to use member-posted materials in other ways than described above.

Management of posted materials

1. When member-posted materials are deemed as having violations against copyright and other laws or Artpoli policy, Artpoli can remove the material from the site.

Copyright of the site

1. The intellectual property, including the copyright, of the Artpoli site belongs to Innomove Group, LLC.. However, the material posted by members and other creative work provided by 3rd parties are excluded.

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