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    Artpoli is an online fine-art exhibition space for all.

    - If you are or aspire to be an artist, post your works to use it as your online portfolio and showroom.

    - Anyone can be an art supporter. Like works, and share them with your social network. You can also buy art works.


What is Artpoli?

Artpoli is an online fine-art exhibition space for all.


I know nothing about art. Does Artpoli mean anything to me?

Of course, it does. Artpoli is an art site for everyone.

We don’t like the notion of “not knowing” art. Having knowledge is not a prerequisite for enjoying art. Everyone enjoys music, without
 knowing music theory. The same should be true for art. When you see many works of art, you will meet ones that catch your eyes and heart.


I am just a normal person. What can I do at Artpoli?

  • View art works. Basic yet the most important, right? Enjoy mobile as well.
  • ‘Like’ works. That's the easiest yet the biggest support for artists! Liked works are recorded, and you can easily see them later again.
  • Make collections of various themes. Flower, people, abstract, warm, etc. Anyone can be a curator!
  • Share art works you like on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.
  • Have conversations with artists and other people with comments.
  • Follow artists you are interested in. We notify you about the artists’ news like new works posted. Doing this will also cheer for artists.
  • Buy art works. You can buy images as well as the originals. You can also commission custom-made works.


I would like to post my works at Artpoli. How can I do that?

See here.


Who is behind Artpoli?

A small and cool company called Innomove opened Artpoli in the spring of 2008 and has been running it ever since.

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