About commissions marketplace

What is Artpoli Commissions Marketplace?

Artpoli Commissions Marketplace is an online marketplace where buyers can commission various custom made artworks from a diverse and talented group of artists and creators.


What can I do at Artpoli Commissions Marketplace?

As a buyer, you can commission custom-made works of art. As an artist, you can offer your services for a commission.


How is it different from Artpoli's regular site?

Artpoli's regular site is at www.artpoli.com, and you can view, share, and buy original or digital images of works of art that have been already created by artists. Most of the art works found there are fine arts meant for viewing.

Commissions Marketplace is the place to commission new custom made works of art.


How does commissioning work?

Pick an artist and a commission type you like and request a commission.  The requested artist will confirm the commissioned work of art and propose an official price.  Once buyer makes payment, artist will start work on the project.  After the project is finished, the artist posts the image of the project.  Once the buyer confirms it, the artist will ship the work of art to the buyer.


How can I offer my art service at Artpoli Commissions Marketplace?

Right now, any Artpoli artist member can open a shop and list multiple commission types for free. In the future, we may introduce sign-up and/or listing fees.

If your service offering matches well with our marketplace, we may allow certain non-artist members to be listed in the Commission Marketplace as well. If you are a skilled frame maker, a high-quality printing shop, or provider of other things that can complement works of artists, please let us know at our customer service board.


How much of the revenue goes to artist?

Revenue sharing is done according to Artpoli policy. We give the lion's share to artist. You can find more details at Revenue Share Policy.

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