Commission item: Photo by drawing a portrait 


Revision policy
I will revise for free for once, after that I will do it for a price.

Commission a custom work

Artist shop Kim min jung's Shop
Reference price from $30.06

Commission a custom work

Press commission button, and then you'll be sent to the commissions order page.

You describe what you want to commission, and request for a price proposal.

Artist proposes a price, you make the payment, and artist begins the work.

During the commissions process, you can chat with the artist via commenting.


The artist has the copyright of the commissioned work, and the commissioner has the right to use it after receiving it from the artist. The commissioner is allowed to use it only for non-commercial purpose, but is not allowed to sell, rent, sub-license, or transform. When the commissioner did not buy the original as well, the artist owns the work and may keep or discard it, but may not sell or exhibit publicly or commercially for others without prior consent from the commissioner.

Completed examples.

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