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Draw Kolleen Park!


Draw Kolleen Park! [Togethership with Kolleen Park – Open Art Contest]

Shinhan Bank and Artpoli together hold the [Togethership with Kolleen Park – Open Art Contest]. In this smart and social art event, artists apply works online at Artpoli, and popular works voted by viewers will be exhibited offline at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam.

[Event information]

1. Entry: March 15 – April 12
- The subject should be Kolleen Park, musical director.
- Please refer to photos and videos from Shinhan Bank’s commercials, which feature Kolleen Park. Basing your work on other photos on the Internet may infringe the copyright of the holder. Here are some reference materials for your convenience:

- Any size is welcome, from very small up to 2-meter high.
- Any media, material or style is fine.
- You can submit as many works as you like.
- Submit works at http://www.artpoli.com/contests/1/ (You need to sign up as an Artpoli member, and apply for an artist membership. There is no fee for signing-up or the artist membership application.)
- There is no entry fee for the contest.
- The faster you submit your works, the more chances of being voted for. Move fast!

2. Vote for works (online): March 15 – April 12
- Recommend your favorite works at http://www.artpoli.com/contests/1/ 
- Also with your mobile phone at http://m.artpoli.com/contests/1
- Please recommend works, and share on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.

3. Selection of works for offline exhibition: To be announced on April 14th.
- Popular works, based on number of votes by viewers, will be selected.
- The administrators may exclude works not appropriate for the nature of the exhibition.

4. Offline exhibition: April 28 – June 15, Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam (Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm)
- Some photos of the the gallery. (http://www.artpoli.com/boards/4/posts/726)

5. Opening event: April 28, at 11 am.
- Kolleen Park will join and pick 3 works.
- Instant portrait event.

6. Vote for works (offline): April 28 – June 15
- Please recommend works you like at the offline exhibition.

7. Award of Works and Artists
- Most popular artist online (Based on an artist’s aggregate votes received online for all of his/her works submitted): a cash prize of 1,000,000 won, and an opportunity of invited exhibition at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam next year
- Most popular artist offline (Based on an artist’s aggregate votes received offline for all of his/her works exhibited): a cash prize of 1,000,000 won, and an opportunity of invited exhibition at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam next year
- Viewer participation awards: Select 100 people, who participated by voting, commenting, and sharing. A coupon of 20,000 won, that you can use forcommissioning a portrait at Artpoli will be given to each.

8. Special program
- Learn portrait art – Scheduled at 2pm on May 14, 28
- Select 20-30 people who have voted for works. (Family can be accompanied.)
- How to apply will be announced later.

9. Other
- Publicity of Kolleen Park may not be used for any other purpose than creating a work for this event.
- Submitted works may not be sold until after the exhibition. 
- The submitted art works can be purchased at Artpoli.com after the exhibition.
- Artist are not allowed to sell the poster, or other prints and reproductions of the work.
- Works selected for the offline exhibition are to be delivered to the gallery on April 18-19, and to be taken out on June 16-17.

[Motivation of the event]
- Celebrating the opening of Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam, Shinhan Bank visually shows its new direction in supporting art and wants to establish the new gallery as a proactive and multi-purpose art space.
- Broaden the enjoyment of art, using modern technologies like online social media and smartphones.
- Provide opportunities for many artists to show their work with online submission.
- Let many people enjoy art with a subject matter that can resonate.
- Shinhan Bank, the leading financial institution, collaborates with Artpoli, a small and experimental startup.

[Other inquiries]
- Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam: sun.a@shinhan.com
- Artpoli: http://twitter.com/artpoli_en, pr@artpoli.com

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  • "박칼린과 동행 - 열린 미술전 선정된 작품발표합니다. http://www.artpoli.com/boards/4/posts/752 에서 확인하세요!"
    2011/04/15 19:19
  • "더 나은 작품의 완성을 위해 마지막 시간까지 치열한 작업을 하고서
    출품하지 못하신 분들이 계신듯하여 많이 아쉽습니다^^;:
    2011/04/13 01:12
  • "작가들은 한작품 한작품 정말 고민하고 힘들게 작업해서 올립니다. 
    관객분들께서 최소한 작품에 호감표시할 때에는 작품을 클릭해서 감상하신 다음에 추천하는 미덕을 보여주면 어떨까요.
    작은 사이즈로 그림 감상하는것보다 클릭해서 큰 이미지로 감상하시면 보다 작가들의 작품속 매력에 더 깊이 빠져들 수 있답니다^^
    2011/04/12 23:34
  • "부정 추천은 불이익을 받을 수 있습니다. 깨끗한 경쟁으로 유종의 미를 거둘 수 있기 바랍니다."
    2011/04/12 23:07
  • "작가신청다시했어요~ 승인부탁드릴께요^^"
    2011/04/12 22:13
  • "일반회원은 작품 응모가 않되는군요,응모하고싶은데 늦은 시간이라 작가 신청이 안되나요?"
    2011/04/12 22:10
    • "작가신청 자체는 언제라도 가능합니다."
      2011/04/12 22:43
      • "신청한 상태인데,늦은시간이라..승급이 않되는군요~"
        2011/04/12 22:56
    • "그러지 않아도 이성우님은 출품을 않으셔서 궁금했는데...^^
      2011/04/13 00:57
      • "잘 지내시죠? 오랜만에 뵙습니다.
        작품 잘 보았어요~ 색상이며 표현이 가히 감동입니다.
        전 작품을 뒤늦게 시작해서 마감날 올리려다보니 작가신청 하는데 시간 다까먹구 
        올리려는순간 마감되 버리더군요;;; 출품 못했습니다.ㅋ"
        2011/04/13 03:42
        • "...^^;:
          어떤 형태로든지 이번 작품이 대중에게 보여지는 기회가 있었으면 좋겠습니다^^
          그리고 아트폴리에서 앞으로의 이성우님 활동을 고대합니다^^"
          2011/04/14 11:01
  • "작가신청다시하고싶은데 어떻게하죠?"
    2011/04/12 21:31
    • "사이트 위의 아이디를 누르신후에, 오른쪽에서 '개인정보 수정하기' 찾아 들어가시면 됩니다."
      2011/04/12 21:47
  • "작가신청했어요 ㅠㅠ 얼른 승인해주세요ㅠㅠ"
    2011/04/12 20:51
  • "작가 신청했습니다. 부탁드립니다. "
    2011/04/12 19:54
  • "작가신청했습니다~승인을 부탁드립니다"
    2011/04/12 19:08
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Draw Kolleen Park!

모바일 배너3 copy en

Participate in this social art contest, with Kolleen Park as the subject.
- Please vote for artworks. Popular works will be selected for offline exhibition. You may receive gifts for contribution.
- Are you an artist? Please submit your creative works! Entry fee is free.

For further information, see the event information.

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Artpoli Artpoli commented on the event. (2011/04/15 19:19)
박칼린과 동행 - 열린 미술전 선정된 작품발표합니다. http://www.artpoli.com/boards/4/posts/752 에서 확인하세요!
lee in seon lee in seon commented on the event. (2011/04/14 11:01)
...^^;: 어떤 형태로든지 이번 작품이 대중에게 보여지는 기회가 있었으면 좋겠습니다^^ 그리고 아트폴리에서 앞으로의 이성우님 활동을 고대합니다^^
-foavm- -foavm- commented on the event. (2011/04/13 03:42)
잘 지내시죠? 오랜만에 뵙습니다. 작품 잘 보았어요~ 색상이며 표현이 가히 감동입니다. 전 작품을 뒤늦게 시작해서 마감날 올리려다보니 작가신청 하는데 시간 다까먹구 올리려는순간 마감되 버리더군요;;; 출품 못했습니다.ㅋ
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