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    Artpoli is an online fine-art exhibition space for all.

    - If you are or aspire to be an artist, post your works to use it as your online portfolio and showroom.

    - Anyone can be an art supporter. Like works, and share them with your social network. You can also buy art works.

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Original works

You can buy original art works of artists at Artpoli. Original works can be divided into ones with and without editions.

(An edition means one among two or more art works that are created the same. Only original editions are accepted as original works. In a broader definition, an art poster is an edition as well, but it is distinguished from the original edition, as it is a reproduction of an original work. Also, an original edition is usually a limited edition, which means there is only a limited number of editions, but art posters are usually open, unlimited, editions.)

Thanks to its scarcity, original works may have some investment value, whereas reproductions are only for enjoying arts at more affordable prices, lacking investment value. As most artists at Artpoli are not famous, we advise you to buy original works to enjoy and to support the artist rather than to make financial gains.

Original works without editions

There are art works of which only one original work exists in the world. Paintings mostly fall into this category. Prints and photos usually have multiple original editions, but an artist may create only one print or one photography intentionally.


Original works with editions

Print, photography, and digital art usually have original editions. Even in these cases, as they are works created by artists themselves, and are usually limited editions that have scarcity value, they are distinguished from reproductions. For example, an original edition of a photography will have all the properties like size, color tone, and paper texture that the artist intended, but the reproductions may not. So, to feel 100% of an artist’s intention, an original work is better.



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